Naoya Kaneko

Software & Network Engineer


Enthusiastic, Self-motivated engineer with lots of experience in 802.11 technology, not only as a software engineer but also as a network engineer. 9+ years of experience in software design and development of router and access point firmware which is used as CPE(Customer Premise Equipment). Have worked as a member of ShowNet NOC(Network Operation Center), CONBU core member; have lots of experience in designing and deploying large-scale public Wi-Fi network in various events and conventions.

Work Experiences

Toyota Motor Corporation


Oct 2020 - Current

Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.

Software Engineer

Apr 2011 - Jul 2020


  • Software Engineer for Router and AccessPoint firmware development
  • Leading experimental deployment of large scale event public Wi-Fi using our products


  • Platform - NetBSD, ARM, MIPS, x86, C, mruby
  • Researched, implemented and introduced the first Wireless LAN feature to our products, from the device driver to application programs.
  • Contributed to improve products through developing and enhancing various software; IoT agent, IP Multicast, AAAA filter, uRPF e.t.c
  • Worked with product managers, developers and quality assurance team to deliver updates and bugfix on time.
  • Collaborated with business & support team members to troubleshoot, debug and solve customers' issues quickly.
  • Conducted field verifications of our product through implementing public Wi-Fi for many conferences, conventions for 10+ times; Maker Faire Tokyo 2019, JANOG41, Comiket Special 6 etc.


ShowNet NOC member

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


  • Wi-Fi Team
  • Designing a simple and robust Public Wi-Fi network for large scale exhibition
  • Monitoring and maintaining network and its stability


  • Rapid deployment of Wi-Fi equipment; 150+ of APs, switches, controllers in a week
  • Provided stable Public Wi-Fi for 150k+ attendee through monitoring quality and timely operation

Fujitsu Limited


Aug.2009 - Sep.2009


  • Research on cgroup and related library, utilities
  • Make documentation for cgroup library and share the information


  • Conducted research on cgroups, its library and related utility programs
  • Completed documentation and shared specification, implementation of these to other team members
  • Developed another utility with libcgroup to improve and demonstrate its usage.


University of Tsukuba

Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, Department of Computer Science

Apr 2009 - Mar 2011, Master of Engineering

Thesis Title "The Communication Framework for Cooperative Application using an Instant Messenger"

University of Tsukuba

Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

College of Information Science

Apr 2005 - Mar 2009, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Thesis Title "IMRPC: The Remote Procedure Call Framework using Instant Messenger"

Elected to Chair's Award for College of Computer Science in 2009


Japan Statistical Society Certificate 4th grade


TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test score: 350 (190+160)


Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Level 2


TOEIC Listening & Reading Test score: 960 (485+475)


Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Level 1


TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test score: 310 (150+160)


Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNPID: 268073)


Diplôme d’Aptitude Pratique au Français, Futsuken: Level 4


TOEIC Listening & Reading Test score: 950 (465+485)


Second Class Electric Work Specialist


On-The-Ground 1-Category Special Radio Operator


Amateur Fourth-Class Radio Operator



Programming Languages

  • C
  • Ruby
  • Shell
  • Java
  • Python


  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS)
  • NetBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • Plan 9


  • zsh
  • vim
  • tmux
  • GitHub/GitHub Enterprise
  • Android Studio
  • WebStorm


  • L2 (802.11, 802.3)
  • L3 (IPv4, IPv6, PIM-SM)
  • Router (Cisco, pfSense, FRR)
  • Switch (Cisco, Juniper)
  • AP (Cisco, Aerohive, Aruba)


  • DHCP
  • Web



Applying and Evaluating Multipath Redundant Communication Technology for WebRTC-based Video Streaming

IPSJ Transaction on Digital Practise (TDP) Vol.3 No.3 p21-31, 2022/07/15

Domestic Conferences (without review)

Flexible Multimedia Stream Control for WebRTC on Multipath Communication Technology

DICOMO2021, 2021/07/01 (Domestic Conference without review)


Application Number(2021)077167


Application Number(2021)077168



Wi-Fi Network evolution with cycle of measure/visualize/adapt

Interop Tokyo 2022, ShowNet Studio, 2022/06/16

shownet.conf_2: Towards New-Normal in Wi-Fi Network

Interop Tokyo Conference, shownet.conf_, 2021/06/23

Towards New-Normal in Wi-Fi Network

Interop Tokyo 2021, ShowNet Studio, 2021/04/15

Adaptive Wi-Fi Network Design for Diverse Environment

Interop Tokyo 2019, ShowNet Stage, 2019/06/13

My Honeypot Wi-Fi Access Point with Mobility

1st Honeypotter Technical Meeting 2017/09/30

Basics in VirtIO

VirtIO Study Meeting, 2013/06/09

LP49 SystemCall Gateway

5th Kernel/VM Explorers Tokyo LT session, 2010/08/22

What is SheevaPlug?

3rd Kernel/VM Explorers Tokyo LT session, 2010/02/23

Techbooks (Dojinshis)

The Devil is in the Deployment of Public Event Wi-Fi: Recap of vol.1+2+3

C101, 2022/12

Harvey OS textbook

C88, 2015/08

9FS Illustrated

C84, 2012/12

Hands-On for Design and Implementation of VirtIO in Plan 9: Practice

C83, 2012/08

Hands-On for Design and Implementation of VirtIO in Plan 9: Prepare

C82, 2011/12

Deciphering chan.c

C79, 2010/12


Paper Awards

DICOMO2021, 2021

College of Computer Science, Chair's Award

University of Tsukuba, 2009




Jul 2016

Raspberry Pi & PiTFT based, field 802.11 frame capturing device

  • Ruby & Sinatra
  • Collect 802.11 frames through all channels continuously
  • Provide control UI with PiTFT
  • Provide capture data for Wi-Fi survey (example)



Feb 2018

Android application to collect numbers of associated clients from surrounding Cisco AP

  • Android app with JAVA
  • Collects / Sums up associated clients without capture device nor connection to WLC
  • Achieved easy survey on Wi-Fi usage with handy android smartphone
  • Public on Google Play.

HotSpot 2.0 AP Finder


Dec 2018

Android application to find HotSpot2.0 (Wi-Fi Passpoint) enabled Wi-Fi AP

  • Android app with JAVA
  • Used to check whether HotSpot2.0 AP works & propagetes proper information
  • Public on Google Play

Extracurricular Activities


Core Member

Aug 2015 - current

Provided public Wi-Fi on many conventions as a core member. Mainly in charge of Wi-Fi design and setting up APs. Also took a role in building L2/L3 network and servers.


  • Wi-Fi / 802.11 / Wireless related technologies
  • Packet Queuing Algorithms (FQ-Code, Codel, e.t.c)
  • Providing stable and broadband Wi-Fi network in large-scale convention
  • Survey and research on congested Wi-Fi environment
  • Understanding implementation of kernel, OS; especially network subsystem